Incentives are used to encourage and reward the healthy behaviors of your choosing among your employees. In your admin portal, you can set and track the budget for your incentive program. release new incentives to employees, and monitor which employees have earned and received their rewards. Initial setup of your rewards program can be done in a few steps: 

Step 1.  Go to the “Program” tab. Click on Incentives.

Step 2. Click on “Get Started” to begin setting up your incentives program. 

Step 3. Search for the name of the employee who will be managing the incentive program and select their name from the list. Click on Next. 

Step 4. Set the maximum amount each employee can earn in a single year for each reward category (ie; $50 gift cards, $0 HSA contribution).

Step 5. Click "next" to complete budget setup. 

Congratulations! Your incentive program is set up. and you are now ready to begin adding incentives.