Assessments help you monitor the health risk of your employees over time. These assessments include body weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure and blood sugar. Employees will self report this information at whatever frequency you choose -- weekly, monthly (default), semi annually or annually. They will be sent reminders to update this information when it is due. You can use incentives to encourage employees to provide this information (see incentives section). 

In the assessments section, you can enable the assessments you want and choose the update frequency. 


Step 1:  Go to the “Program” tab. Click on Assessments.

Step 2. Under each assessment title, you’ll notice a dropdown with frequencies ranging from weekly to annually. Choose the frequency that you’d like employees to be reminded to complete each respective assessment.

Step 3. Click “Enable” and employees will now be notified to complete this assessment at the frequency of your choosing!

Note: The information gathered from these assessments will show up in the reports within the reports tab